About Me

Cerina (Coach Ce)
CPT, Certified Macro Nutrition Coach, PN1

Gaining 20 Pounds Was The Best Thing That Could Have Happened to Me

Since I can remember, I’d constantly suffered from insecurity and lack of self worth.

It only worsened as I got older, and as a result, I used food as my comfort. ‘Fast, oily, creamy, saucy, and greasy” was what I used to say. “No water, no veggies. Please and TY”.⁣

Despite my eating habits, I maintained a weight of 130 for years. So, I never saw a need to change. Until…⁣

The year 2016. My body had different plans. In just 2 months I was up 20 lbs and later found out I was also pre-diabetic.

Struggling to squeeze my now size 12 body into my size 8 pants.⁣

I tried so many different things.⁣

– 1200 calorie diets⁣
– Skipping meals⁣
– Detox and cutting out carbs

I googled how to:⁣

– Get abs in 2 days⁣
– Drop 20 lbs ASAP⁣

I did various home and YouTube workout videos, but still wasn’t seeing results.⁣

I went to the gym 2x, but I was terrified of being judged. ⁣

The fear of being judged was real! Plus, I didn’t know how to work anything other than the treadmill.

After a year of trying to lose weight on my own, I finally sought out an online coach. I received at home workouts and a basic understanding of nutrition and training. I FINALLY started seeing results! ⁣

So, despite my fear, off to the gym I went. Terrified as ever, but ready to get this a** in gear! I had a plan now. And it was time to level up. I had to! I built confidence! The further I took my body, the less intimidated I was.⁣

I far surpassed what I thought I could achieve. I wore a bikini and a crop top for the 1st time & was able to look in a full body mirror! I was confident, fit, strong, and curvy!⁣

Being consistent and facing my fears reaped incredible rewards. I just had to be willing, patient, and consistent. ⁣

Fitness changed my life. It transformed my body, my mind, and my perspective of life. I was happy & healthy.

I started using my voice, going out, interacting with people, and holding healthy relationships.⁣

This Is why I became a coach. To help others experience what it feels like to genuinely feel sexy & confident in their skin. Every woman deserves to.⁣